I recently witnessed an historical re-enactment of Susan B. Anthony by Linda McKenney at Empire State College. Always in character, Ms. McKenney performs without reference to any notes. She incorporates part of Ms. Anthony’s speeches so seamlessly that you can forget some were delivered more than 150 years ago. She is rich in detail, highlighting the most salient moments of Anthony’s life. She is somber, yet with a sense of humor that captures Anthony’s essence. And McKenney was unflappable during the challenging Q&A session.

I know a lot about the suffragists. But I learned even more from observing McKenney’s spell-binding re-enactment. There were moments when I forgot I wasn’t truly in the presence of the great orator. Every so often, my eyes filled with tears, as she relayed emblematic stories of her courage and how she hopes women today will carry on the unfinished revolution.

About majokmindfuleating

Linda McKenney is an Historical Reenactor, Story Teller and Writer. Her essays are published in The Apple Tree, Helen: A Literary Magazine, Silver Birch Press, 101 Word Short Stories, Five Minutes and The Survivor’s Review. She also has an alter ego at Her website is

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