She recognized that it was immeasurably more desirable to be honestly and earnestly seeking that which in its attainment might not prove good than to be hypocritically subservient to the truth through a spirit of selfish fear or fawning at the beck of power.  She instinctively grasped the truth underlying all great movements which have helped the progress of the ages, and did not wait for an individual nor a cause to win popularity before freely extending to its struggling life a hand of helpful comradeship. 

Excerpt from the eulogy                   

Delivered by the Reverend Anna Howard Shaw

Susan B. Anthony’s Funeral

Rochester, New York, 15 March 1906. 

Meet Susan B Anthony

IMG_20150317_132339485_HDRSusan B. Anthony’s personal motto was, “Failure is impossible.”

And I believe that I’ve adopted that motto in my portrayal of her.

Invite me to visit your classroom or group and I will share a glimpse of Susan’s life and her dedication to women’s right to vote.

Contact me at to find out more and arrange a personal visit from Susan.

Some comments from participants:

The presentation was fantastic and the kids were engaged.

What a great project!

I’ve been to many similar presentations; this was one of the best!

You were very convincing.  The acting was superb! You were also very knowledgeable about Susan’s life and struggles.


 Here’s a sample:


Susan Brownell Anthony was a pioneer leader of the cause of woman suffrage, and her energy was tireless in working for what she considered to be the best interests of womankind. At home and abroad she had innumerable friends, not only among those who sympathized with her views, but among those who held opinions radically opposed to her. In recent years her age made it impossible for her to continue active participation in all the movements for the enfranchisement of women with which she had been connected, but she was at the time of her death the Honorary President of the National Woman Suffrage Association, the society which she and Elizabeth Cady Stanton organized in 1869.

  • Excerpt from the New York Times Obituary

SBA headstone on election day


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